How to Export data from ASEBA-Web to score in ASEBA-PC

1. In ASEBA-Web, after you have created the Assessed Person and when you add the form, make sure you uncheck the “Pay for online Scoring" box. At this point, you will be charged one e-unit for creating the form (and not scoring the form).

2. Send the form to the informant so that they may fill it out online. When the informant submits the form back to you, the form's status will be marked "submitted-by-informant."

3. In ASEBA-Web, RIGHT-click on the assessed person's name and choose Export Data.

4. Choose ASEBA-* Data Transfer and click Next.

5. Click Export.

6. The file will download to your Downloads folder and be called This folder contains all forms for the assessed person in question.

7. Log in to Aseba-PC and click on the Import Data tab.


Choose ASEBA_Data Transfer, and click Next

8. Browse for the zip folder you previously downloaded by clicking on Select Files.

Once the file is attached, click Next

Please select where you want to put the imported data.  You can create a directory ahead of time and then it will be in the drop-down list.  Otherwise, please choose Root and click Next.

The file will say that it is good and ready to be imported.

When the import is done, it will say Done Importing, then click Save will be under the Root folder with the date and time of import.  Please click on the arrow to expand

the folder to see the informants and their forms.  

Please click on the Assessed Person, then on the form you want to score, and click on the Score Report tab.








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