How do I change or reset a user's password? (PC and Web)

**Please note, that this process is different for ASEBA-Web, but  ASEBA-PC and ASEBA-Network will be the same (and will be updated in the Fall, 2022)

To change a user's password in ASEBA-Web:  Click on the Administration Tab and then click on Manage Users


In ASEBA-PC and ASEBA-Network:  Please click on My Account, Users Management:


Click the name of the user whose password you want to change and click Set Password. 

Create a new password and click Save.


If you don't want the program to make you or the user reset the password again once given the new password:  please click on Request Password Reset and uncheck the Request Password Reset box and click Save.  Close out of the Manage Users/ Users Management and let your users know the new password, as the program does not send reset password emails.


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