How do I create administrators and regular users? (PC and Web)

**Please note, this will be the same for ASEBA-PC and ASEBA-Web.

1. Once logged into ASEBA, click the My Account tab and select Users Management.

2. Click New.

3. Fill out the username and password and choose either Administrator (you should have at least 2 per account) or regular user. Then fill out the email address (you will need to use a different email address if you are creating 2 admin accounts for yourself) and click Save.

If you do not want the program to ask you to reset your password again after you've created it, please un-check Requires Password Reset (you will only see this option after you have created the user). Otherwise, the program will force you to change your password again upon login (which is good practice for regular users on the account).

For administrators, once you have created your second administrator account, if you need to reset the password, you may log in with that account, go to My Account, select Users Management, click on your original account, un-check the “Requires Password Reset” option, and click “Set New Password.”

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