How do I export my database from ASEBA-PC to ASEBA-Web?

Once logged into ASEBA-PC, please right-click on the Root folder in the upper left-hand part of the screen and choose Export Data, ASEBA Data Transfer, Click Next, Click Export.

Please save the file to a safe place, or to a USB thumb drive for transfer to another computer.

Next, please open the ASEBA-Web program on the computer to import the data. Click on Import Data, Import Data.

Make sure the file format says 1. ASEBA-* Data Transfer and click Next.

Click on Select Files and search for the file you saved.

Once the file has been selected, click Next.

If there are no issues with the file, it will say that the file is good and you can then click on Start Processing.

When the importing is done, you will see “Done Importing”, and you can then click Save.

The file is saved to the Directories Tab under the root folder as with the date and time of the export. You will need to expand the folder to see all the assessed people and their forms.


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