How do I export data from ASEBA-Web into ASEBA-PC?

If you have both ASEBA-Web and ASEBA-PC, you can easily download your ASEBA-Web data to ASEBA-PC.

If you wish to download all data, from the directories tab, right-click on the "Root" folder and select "Download Data", then "Export to ASEBA Apps", and "ASEBA Transfer Data".

If you wish to move data for a single assessed person, please right-click on the assessed person's name and follow the same instructions.

This will create the transfer files; please be sure to save them in a location you will be able to find.

Once the files are downloaded, open ASEBA-PC, click on the "Import Data" dropdown at the top of the page, and then select "Import ASEBA Data". Choose the data file from ASEBA-Web and then click the "Start Processing" button. The program will tell you when it is done importing. Click Save, and the files will be found under the Directories tab. The folder containing the files will be labeled with the date and time of the import.

Please also see our YouTube video on how to export and import data from Aseba-Web to Aseba-PC:

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