How do I send a form to an informant (also how to change the language of the form)?

Please log into ASEBA-Web, add an Assessed Person (either by clicking on Start a New Assessment tab) or by clicking on the Root folder and then clicking on Add Assessed Person. 




After creating the Assessed Person, click on the Assessed Person to highlight them, then click on Add Form tab to add a form to that person (Start a New Assessment does both creating an Assessed Person and adding the form).


 Please click on the Assessed Person you just created to highlight them, and then click on the form you want to send to that informant.  Click on Go To Informant tab:


Then click on the form again to highlight it and then click on Send Message to Informant:

Next,  the areas outlined in red are all editable (except for the From:).  To change the language of the form, please click on the dropdown list that starts with English/Default and choose your language (Spanish was chosen for this example).  Not all languages are available to send, as we are continuing to add to the list. 

The message will change to that language. Enter the email of the informant, and any other emails you choose, then click Send. 


Please tell the informant that once they receive the email (a Spanish email was used as an example below) and click on the link to go to the form, they must click on the Language drop-down menu and choose the language they want the form to be in.

Also, please see the YouTube Video:

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