How to Export and Import from ASEBA-Web to ASEBA-Web

To export the entire database:

Once you have logged into our Aseba program, please RIGHT click on the Root folder at the top of the left-hand column under the Directories tab (if you have renamed the Root folder, highlight that folder) and choose Export Data



Choose #2  Aseba Data Transfer and click Next

Click Yes if you want a date range on the data. Otherwise, click No. 



If Yes was chosen, choose the date range and click Next.

Click on Select All tab to move data from Available Assessed Persons to Selected Assessed Persons.  Click Next.




Click the Export tab.  A file called will download to the Downloads folder.


Save this file where you would like.  You will be asked to locate this file later to import it into the Aseba Web program.


                                                                               To Import Data into Aseba Web from Aseba Web

 Once logged into the Aseba Web program, please click on the Import Data Tab, and click on Import Data.

Choose the Aseba Data Transfer and click Next.

Click on Select Files to browse to your data file. Once selected, the file will be viewable in window. Click Next.


Select the directory you want to put the data.  Click Next

The program will tell you that your file looks good and is ready to import: Click on Start Processing.

The program will tell you when it’s done importing and click Save.

The file will be saved within the Aseba Web Program under the file name with the name and time of the import.  You will need to expand the folder to see the assessed data you have just imported.


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