I'm getting an error stating that "an item with the same key has already been added"

This error may occur when trying to download (and back up) an ASEBA transfer file after importing different directories with the same assessed people in each directory from ASEBA-Web into ASEBA-PC, as the program does not check for duplicates.

You will see the following error:

This will happen if you have the same identifying name or number of an assessed person in more than one directory. This happened to a customer who had imported different directories from ASEBA-Web into ASEBA-PC and clicked on Root and tried to download an ASEBA transfer file, but had the same assessed people in more than one directory.

There are at least two options to download data if you have this problem:

1. Delete the duplicates


2. Move duplicates into different directories from one another and download each directory one at a time. As long as the directory you are downloading doesn't have any duplicates, you will be able to export the data.

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