**New Assessment Wizard for adding Assessed Persons, Forms, and Sending Message to Informant**

1. Sign in to ASEBA-Web (aseba-web.org)

2. Creating a directory is optional. If you do not wish to create a directory first, please skip to number 3. Otherwise, Select the Directories tab (if it is not already selected by default) on the left side of the screen. All current directories will be listed in the left frame.

3. Click on Root directory to highlight it. Click on the Directory tab, Add Directory.  



4. Name the directory.  Click Save. The new directory will be created in the left column under the Directories tab.

5. Navigation: At the very top of the page you will see a button that says Start A New Assessment.
Please click on this button to start the assessment.


6. Select either an existing assessed person or create a new assessed person. In the example below, a new
assessed person was chosen. Click Next.

7. Select whether to create a new assessed person from an existing informant (e.g., a parent that
has already filled out a form in the system).  If the new assessed person in not in the system yet, choose No.


8. Please fill out the required information. Auto-Generate Identification Code will create an alphanumeric Id. The Identification Code blank can be a name, initials, numbers, etc. Please use the calendar icon for the Date of Birth. Address, phone number and email address is all optional.  Click Next.

9.  Choose a directory where you want to place the assessed person. If you did not create a directory, please choose Root.  Click Save.

10. The Add Form window will open. Please choose the Form Type from the drop-down arrow: Electronic Form, Paper Form (to manually enter data from informant), or Self-Printed Form to print a blank behavioral paper form. 

11. Choose the Form Type: A Child Behavior Checklist was chosen for the example below. 

12.  To wait until the form is submitted back from the informant before you score it, please uncheck the Pay for online scoring - Extra E-unit charge applies box.

13. Check New Informant and fill in the informant's first and last name.

14. Choose the Relationship from the drop down list.  Due By Date is optional.  Check off Enter Problems Items Only if the informant only needs to complete the Problem Items checklist. 


15.  Society is defaulted to ASEBA Standard. If another culture is needed, please use the drop down list. 

16. Type in the Clinician or choose a clinician from the drop down list. 

17. Agency, School, User Defined 1 and 2 and User Defined Field 1 and 2 are optional. Click Next

18. At the bottom of this page, the Available E-units, Total E-units charged, E-units Remaining after Submit are shown.  Review the information and click Submit


19. The window for "Send Message to Informant Confirmation" will open, choose Yes. 


20. Please fill out the informants email.  The BCC, Reply To and Subject blanks are all editable. If the form needs to be in a different language, please click on the drop down arrow on the Select a message template and choose the language desired. Click Send.

The assessed person will be located in the left column and the form will be in the right column. Once the letter is sent the form status will change from New to Sent to Informant.



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