Should extremely low scores on problem scales be considered deviant?

Answer:  Extremely low scores merely reflect the absence of reported problems.  The profile compresses the low end of the syndrome and DSM-oriented scales so that a T score of 50 is the minimum obtainable on any scale.  However, nearly all children have at least some problems.  On the CBCL, Total Problems scores < 3 were obtained by only 4.7% of our normative sample.  On the YSR, Total Problems scores < 7 were obtained by only 4% of our normative sample.  Very low scores suggest that the respondent has not understood the form, or is not being candid.  On the TRF, however, very low scores are not as rare as on the CBCL and YSR, because 10.4% of our normative sample obtained Total Problems scores of 0.  

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