Should forms that have many unanswered items be entered and scored?

Each of our Manuals provides rules for preparing forms for entry. If one item is omitted from the Activities or Social scale on the CBCL/6-18 or YSR, the mean of the other items of that scale is substituted for the missing item. If more than one item is missing from either of these scales or any item is missing from the School scale, the respective scale is not to be scored. If any of the adaptive characteristics (TRF, items VIII.1-4) is omitted, no sum is to be produced for Adaptive Functioning.

If more than 8 problem items are left blank (excluding Items 56h and 113 on the CBCL/6-18, Items 56h and 113 on the TRF, and Item 56h and the socially desirable items on the YSR), the computer-generated profile will bear a warning message. If more than 20 items are missing, no scores will be calculated or plotted, as the scale scores are likely to be invalid.

If time is limited, you may want to use just the behavior problems. Our computer entry programs will allow you to enter and score just the behavior problems, and will create profiles based on those items. Simply cross out the sections of the form that you do not want the respondent to complete. You may not modify or reprint our forms without express written permission from us.

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