What is the difference between a profile and a scoring template?

Answer:  A hand-scored profile is an 8 1/2 x 14" sheet of paper on which the items of the form are displayed for each scale. The 0-1-2 scores for each item are copied onto the profile from the form completed for a child.  The 0-1-2 scores for the items of a syndrome are summed to obtain the total score for the syndrome.  The score for each syndrome is marked in a graphic display and the user draws lines between the marked scores to form a profile.  One profile is needed for each form that is hand-scored.  If you use our Ages 6-18 Module for computer scoring, you do not need hand-scored profiles. 

     A template is a reusable cardboard cutout that helps you transfer the 0-1-2 item scores from the completed form to a hand-scored profile.  When a template is placed on a completed form, it indicates the syndrome scales and DSM-oriented scales on which the 0-1-2 item scores should be copied.  

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