Will anti-virus software affect ASEBA-PC?

Anti-virus could cause problems with your ASEBA-PC program. Please be sure to add the following files as "exceptions" or "exclusions" within your anti-virus program settings:

C:\ASEBA\ASEBA-PC 2015 v1\App\ASEBA.PIe.Customer.PC.App.exe
C:\ASEBA\ASEBA-PC 2015 v1\Browser\ASEBA.PIe.Customer.PC.Browser.exe
C:\ASEBA\ASEBA-PC 2015 v1\HostServer\ASEBA.PIe.Customer.PC.HostServer.exe
C:\ASEBA\ASEBA-PC 2015 v1\Licensing\ASEBA.PIe.Customer.PC.Licensing.exe
C:\ASEBA\ASEBA-PC 2015 v1\PasswordsResetTool\ASEBA.PIe.Customer.PC.ResetPassword.exe

Once you have done this, please run a repair of your program for the changes to take effect.

Known anti-virus vendors that affect ASEBA-PC:
2. Avast
3. McAfee
4. Symantec
5. Webroot (This program does not allow exclusions, so it needs to be shut off for ASEBA-PC to work)

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