How to Manage Dictionaries (drop-down lists) in ADD FORM window in ASEBA-Web

Once logged into ASEBA-Web, please click on ADMINISTRATION tab, MANAGE DICTIONARIES and choose which dictionary you would like to populate (Agencies, Clinicians, School or Form Custom Fields):

For this example, CLINICIANS was chosen: Click on New to start creating the clinician list that will be in the drop-down section of the ADD FORM window.

Fill in the Given and Family Name of the clinician. Suffix, Prefix, Degree, Email and Mobile Phone Number are all optional. Click Save. The clinician will show in the left hand column.

When using the Start New Assessment Wizard and within the ADD FORM window, the clinician’s name will appear in the drop-down list under clinicians:

Please repeat this procedure for any other drop-down lists of dictionaries wanted in the ADD FORM window.