"Form Source" option added to ASEBA-Web™

The v4.4.0.0 release of ASEBA-Web™ includes new improvements on how users add new forms. 

When you add a form to ASEBA-Web™, you can now pick the source of the form.  The options are “Electronic Form”, “Paper Form”, and “Self-Printed Form”.  Electronic forms are ones where your informants fill out the form in ASEBA-Informant™.  Paper forms are when you purchase packs of blank paper forms from us and informants use those.  “Self-printed forms” are forms printed out directly in ASEBA-Web™. 


Picking the form source will customize the process of adding forms for you.  If you pick an electronic form, ASEBA-Web™ will prompt you at the end if you want to send an email to the informant.  If you pick a “self-printed form” ASEBA-Web™ will guide you through the steps of picking the culture and language of the form you would like to print.  This all occurs with the process of adding forms.  There is no longer a need to navigate to different places in the application and make these selections afterwards.

This is the first in a series of improvements in ASEBA-Web™ to form creation and tracking.  Over the next several monthly updates of ASEBA-Web™ we will be rolling out new features intended to get forms quickly to informants, and get the information gathered quickly into the hands of your clinicians.

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