How does ASEBA-Web pricing work?

The information in this post is subject to change. For up-to-date information on pricing, see the ASEBA online store:

A yearly subscription is required for ASEBA-Web. As long as your account is active, you will be able to log in to your account and view reports for any forms you have already scored. Account renewals can be purchased from the online store here:

When purchasing a renewal, make sure to include your account name so that your account is properly credited. All new accounts start with a one-year subscription and 50 free e-units.

Additionally, an e-unit is charged to create, score, or print forms. E-unit prices vary depending on how many you buy at a time; see

When creating a new form, two e-units are typically charged to your account (one for creating the form and another for scoring it). If you mistakenly create a form, you can delete the form and the e-units will be returned to you. However, the form's status must still be "new" when it is deleted, not "sent to informant" or "key-entered."

Should you choose to print a blank paper form, that would cost an additional e-unit.

E-units do not expire. They roll over indefinitely from year to year as long as your account is renewed. If your account expires, your e-unit balance will still be available if you renew your account. The one exception to this is if your account expires and you do not renew it within 6 months. After 6 months, your account, including all patient health information, will be purged in accordance with HIPAA requirements for protecting patient data. You would receive several emails warning you of this.

The only way to avoid such deletion would be to renew your account. At any time, with an active subscription, you can download your data to your own computer using the download data procedures described in the ASEBA-Web Procedures manual:

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