What does the “status” section mean?

The status section on ASEBA-Web tells you what the status of your form is. If the status says "New" then the form has been created, but the letter HAS NOT been sent to the informant. If the status says "Sent to Informant" then the informant has been sent the form to complete but has not yet filled it out. If the informant has started to fill out the form, then the status will say "Started by Informant". If the informant has completed the form and submitted back to you, it will say "Submitted by Informant" and you will be able to click on the Key Entry tab to open the form to make sure that it is filled out correctly and then click on Save and Close and then click on the "Score Report" tab. If the clinician has gone into the form at any time by the Key Entry tab, the form will change to "Key Entered".  If the form has not been completed, the "Score Report" tab will not be visible.



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