Why are the CBCL and TRF said to have 120 problem items when the item numbers only go to 113?

Answer:  Item 56 includes seven specific physical complaints designated as through g.  Combined with the remaining 111 specifically stated problems, this sums to 118 specific problem items.  In addition, item 56h provides space to enter any physical problems not otherwise listed.  Item 113 provides three spaces to describe problems of any sort, but only the highest score (1 or 2) is used for any items entered for 113.  The addition of open-ended items 56h and 113 to the 118 specific problem items yields 120 problem items. Total Problem scores are computed as the sum of 1s and 2s for the 118 specific problem items + item 56h + the highest score the respondent gives to any additional items written in for number 113.  If a 2 is scored for all 118 items, 56h, and 113, the total score would be 240.  

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