Will norms be added for more societies?

Answer: When data become available for a society that is not listed in Table 2-1, we will determine whether the mean Total Problems score from that society corresponds to the existing Group 1, 2, or 3 norms. We will then add that society to the MMO/18-59 and MFAM so that users can obtain the appropriate norms by clicking on that society. In addition, we will update the listing of Group 1, 2, and 3 societies for the ASR and ABCL at www.ASEBA.org and will update Table 2-1 in future printings of this Supplement. The same updating procedure will be followed when norms become available for a form (e.g., ABCL) from a society for which norms were already available for the other form (e.g., ASR). Note that a society may be in a different norm group for the ASR and ABCL.

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