Can I move ASEBA-PC to a new computer?

Yes, you can always uninstall your software and reinstall it on a new computer. To ensure that your data is transferred, you will want to export your data from the old computer first and then import it onto your new computer. 

Exporting the whole database from ASEBA-PC 2019 to ASEBA-PC 2019:

Once logged into the program, please RIGHT click on the Root folder at the top left and choose Download Data, Export to ASEBA, ASEBA Transfer Data

Please save the file to a safe place, or to a USB thumb drive for transfer to another computer.


Next, please open up the Aseba-PC program on the new computer to import the data.

 Please click on Import Data at top of the page, Import ASEBA Data

 Select the file and click Open

 The system should say files are good.   Click Start Processing

 When the program is done processing and done importing, the program will say Done Importing, Click Save.

The imported data will appear under your Directories tab, with the date and time and you will need to expand the folder to see the imported data.






The file/files will be under the Root folder as a separate folder with the assessed people inside the folder with the date.  Try not to do this more than once with the same group of people, as when you try to export this data, it will see duplicates and won’t allow exporting.  You will need to delete the second folder that has the same assessed people with the same ID.


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