Can I move ASEBA-PC to a new computer?

Before moving ASEBA-PC to a new computer, you may want to export the data from the old computer.  To export the whole database from ASEBA-PC 2020 to ASEBA-PC 2020, please follow the directions below: 

Once logged into the program, please RIGHT click on the Root folder at the top left and choose Export Data, then choose ASEBA Data Transfer, and click Next, then click Export


Please save the file to a safe place, or to a USB thumb drive for transfer to another computer. 


 Next, After exporting the data, please uninstall the program from the old computer and install the program on the newer computer. If you have a program older than ASEBA-PC 2020, please send an email to for our newest ASEBA-PC installer.

Log into the ASEBA-PC  program on the newer computer to import the data.  Please click on Import Data, Import Data again.

Choose ASEBA Data Transfer and click Next

Select the file where you saved it and click Next


The file will show once you have selected it successfully.  Click Next


Choose what directory you want the data under.  Root is the default, but you can actually create a directory ahead of time and it will be in the drop-down list.  Click Next



 The file should say it is good and ready to be imported. Click Start Processing.  Depending on how much data you have, this could take a little while.


When the program is done processing, it will say Done Importing.  Click Save.



The file will be highlighted with the date and time of import and is called  Please expand the folder to see all Assessed people and their forms.


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