How to Add Serial numbers (age modules) to ASEBA-PC Program

How to Add Serial Numbers to the ADD ASEBA Modules/License Key Manager Window:

Please type in your 4 sets of 5 letters into the Serial Numbers blank.  Fill in the information of your name, company, email and phone (optional). Click on “Add New ASEBA Modules!” tab at bottom of window so that the serial number age module drops down into the 2nd window or in newer 2023 version of ASEBA-PC, click on Save Changes and Add License Keys

If you do not click on Add New ASEBA Modules button or the Save Changes and Add License Keys, the age module will not drop into the program and the forms will not be available for you.  




If you see this window pop up – it is not an error – it is just letting you know that that particular age module has already been added to the program. Please click OK and exit out of the ASEBA ADD MODULE Window.   Please go to the ASEBA-PC program icon to start up the program.  



Your account will be set back to admin for the username and Password77 for the password, and you will be forced to reset your password once you log in.  Please leave username as admin

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