How to Export ASEBA Database to Zip file or SPSS or Excel



1. Please RIGHT-click on the Root folder under the Directories tab on the left-hand column and choose Export Data


2. Please choose either Aseba Data Transfer (for Aseba zip file of the entire database, click Next) or use the drop-down arrow to choose Raw, Scored, or Combined Raw and Scored Data to be able to export into Excel or SPSS and click Next. For this example, the image below ASEBA Data Transfer was chosen.


3. Choose Yes or No for specified date range for data:

4. If Yes, fill out the date range and Click Next

5. Click on Select All to move all Available Assessed Persons from the left column to the Selected Assessed Persons on the right.  Click Next.


6. Click on Export.  File will download to Downloads folder. 

If you choose, Raw, Scored, Raw and Scored Combined.  Choose which format you want the data in.  For this example, Raw and Scored was chosen. File format Excel was chosen. Click Next


Choose the file format: Excel was chosen in this example. Click Next.

Choose Yes or No for a date range:

Follow steps 4-6

Click on Export and the Excel sheet will open with the data you requested.  Depending how big your database is, this may take a few minutes. 




































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