How to fix 'Server Error in "/" Application: Could not load file or assembly "ASEBA.PIe.Customer.ApplicationServices" or one of its dependencies...' Error

After making changes to your ASEBA-Network configuration, you may be faced with the following server error:

Luckily, this is an easy fix:

  • For this fix, you will need to access IIS for your server.
  • Once in IIS on your local server, find 'Application Pools' in the left-hand column of the IIS.
  • In the Application Pool list, select the application pool associated with your server/ASEBA-Network installation.
  • Click 'Advanced Settings' under the 'Edit Application Pool' section in the right-hand column of IIS.
  • In the window that pops up, and in the section titled '(General)', find the 'Enable 32-bit applications' property. If it is 'False', set it to 'True'.
  • Click okay.
  • Recycle the application pool.

Below is a screenshot of what your settings should look like when you have completed the steps above:

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