The YSR and ASR (and CBCL/6-18 and ABCL) both say they can be used for 18-year-olds. How do I decide between them?

For 18-year-olds who live with their parents and attend high school, the YSR and CBCL/6-18 would usually be preferable. For 18-year-olds who do not live with their parents, or do so only during vacations from college or the military, the ASR and ABCL would usually be preferable.

If you plan to reassess the 18-year-olds again at a later age, it would usually be preferable to administer the ASR or ABCL at the initial assessment, as well as at subsequent reassessments. Similarly, if you are reassessing 18-year-olds for whom you have YSR or CBCL/6-18 data, it may be preferable to use the YSR or CBCL/6-18.

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