What was the basis for the Personal Strengths multicultural norm groups?

Answer: Personal Strengths scores (sum of 0-1-2 ratings on the 11 Personal Strengths items) were averaged across all ASRs in the sample from each society and also for all ABCLs in the sample from each society. As detailed in Chapter 5, the omnicultural mean was then computed by averaging the means of the ASR Personal Strengths scores from 17 societies and separately for the means of the ABCL Personal Strengths scores from 14 societies. For the ASR, only Multicultural Norm Groups 1 and 2 were created, because no societies obtained a mean score >1 SD above the omnicultural mean. For the ABCL, Groups 1, 2, and 3 were created on the basis of mean scores >1 SD below the omnicultural mean, +1 SD from the omnicultural mean, and >1 SD above the omnicultural mean, respectively.

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