How do I run a cross-informant report? (PC and Web)

**Please note, this will be the same for ASEBA-PC and ASEBA-Web.

1. Click the assessed person on the left-hand side, click on Reports at the top of the page, then select Score Cross-Informant Report.

2. You will see the name of the assessed person you chose on the left-hand side. Please click on this person and it will automatically move them to the right, to the Selected Assessed Persons column.

3. Click Next, and choose the report you want from the dropdown menu.

4. You will then see a list of available forms in the left column. To select the ones you want, click on them and they will automatically move to the right column.

5. Click Next, and then click Refresh to generate the report.

The report will be about 9 pages long.

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